The Sun’s Not Dead

Hello everyone!!
No we’re not dead! We’re just doing other projects and trying to get back to doing HOTS. Allen in jamming with 100Watt Sensei and Jordan is in Dallas attending DBU jamming with McAllister and hired gun for other projects. Fern is playing guitar with the Grand Funk Railroad tribute band and covering classic rock tunes every Fri at Crossroads BBQ in San Antonio. We were working with drummer Ryan Gonzales but he is playing in ‘Over the Top’ pretty regular. So we are in the process of getting a drummer and when Jordan is in town he’ll be on guitar with Fern at the lead. We still have tracks waiting to be finished at Spears Recording in Lakeview Tx. So just plugging away as we can. Allen will be unavailable until Dec so we hope to have a HOTS show early in Jan!!

Yes we’re still alive!!

We’ve all been busy on projects. Allen’s day job as location sound for film and TV, has kept him on a show called Friday Night Tykes working 7 days a week the only break came when he went to China with the NBA for the ‘China Games’. He should be done with the job Dec 17.

Fern and Amber work together to open store front for Amber's Organics, in San Antonio, TX

Fern and Amber work together to open store front for Amber’s Organics, in San Antonio, TX

Fern is helping his wife Amber set up a store front for her Organics business- you can check them out at Amber’s Organics. Then when finished with that we should see his guitar repair shop soon after. He has been repairing guitars for almost 30 years and will provide repair services to all.

Jordan has been attending Dallas Baptist University, being a music recording/ music business major he has had many opportunities to gig and even play bass for a country act that was opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, Pat Green and Billy Jo Shaver. But his heart still belongs to Heat of the Sun. He’ll be off for winter break and we will finish the EP!!

And yes Dune Buggy (Allen and Jordan teamed up with SloPoke’s drummer/vocalist Danny Castillo) will finish their EP and introduce another guitarist in that line up! As well as some shows to support the EP.

We have inital art work for the Heat of the Sun’s EP which we think looks great!!! Done by Andrea Johnson so look for it on the cover and also on new stickers and T-shirts. Here’s a sneak peek


Artwork for HOTS 2nd EP, by Andrea Johnson

Also some sad news. We are mourning the passing of friend of the band and great amp tech Hector Tobias. Fern was closest to Hector -they worked together back when Fern was a pup just out of high school and learning how to repair guitars. He has ‘laid hands’ on many amps in the San Antonio area including all the amps on stage with Heat of the Sun. Please keep Hectors family in your prayers.

Look for announcements about some cool new things coming SOON!!!

Peace and Love Grenades,

HOTS band 1-14

HOTS band 1-14

Allen, Fern and Jordan.

Studio noise and Dune Buggy!!!

Hey all, Allen here just checking in with some updates. The EP is going well Fern just needs to put lead guitar parts on two songs. Then we mix.

Also on the HOTS news front- Jordan Green (Producing and guitars) and myself (I’m handling the bass riffs) hooked up with ex- Slo-Poke frontman/drummer Danny Castillo for a side project we’re calling ‘Dune Buggy’. Jordan and Danny are producing. We recorded all the basic tracks the same time HOTS was in the studio. This project is a fuzz laden loud bunch of 5 songs. Sorta’ like a stripped down 1970 Dodge Charger with straight pipes!!!

Jordan Green of Heat of the Sun, in studio on Dune Buggy project 8-2014

Jordan Green of Heat of the Sun, in studio on Dune Buggy project 8-2014

4 of the tunes were written by Danny and 1 by Jordan. The project has a 70’s cinema theme. Songs were inspired by films of the era.

If you like slow Fuzzed out music you’ll love this project!

We’re discussing a small Dec/Jan tour. We should start booking it in the next few days/weeks just hammering out schedules.

Listen for a track soon!!

Danny Castillo (Slo-Poke) on Drums and vocals  'Dune Buggy 'in Spears Studios 8-2014

Danny Castillo (Slo-Poke) on Drums and vocals ‘Dune Buggy ‘in Spears Studios 8-2014


We are talking about combining our efforts into a split LP/EP.

If you want to see this show give us a comment as we plan the tour. This will give us an idea on where to concentrate our booking efforts.


Jordan Green (Producer/guitars) works with Byron Spears on Dune Buggy.

Jordan Green (Producer/guitars) works with Byron Spears on Dune Buggy.

Melting the wires at Spears Recording studios!


Jordan Green in studio laying down some ‘keys’ Aug 2014 Heat of the Sun band

Getting along with recording the new songs! Jordan played on the basic tracks and laid some keyboard parts and  then off to school in Dallas. We are looking forward to this release! We have 4 and maybe 5 songs to release. We are discussing a split-album with another band- stay tuned!

Also talking about doing a small tour this winter break. More to come on that front as well.

Jordan and Fern in studio Aug 2014 Heat of the Sun band.

Jordan and Fern in studio Aug 2014 Heat of the Sun band.

Ferns old high school band ‘Wicked Step’ was picked up by TMU Records and they are releasing 12″ vinyl album of their demos. Cool huh? You can check it out at TMU’s bandcamp page.


New cool pictures from Rick ‘SnapShot’ we want to thank him for coming out!

We will probably lay low ths fall trying to finish up this EP and have it ready to release this winter. We may have a gig here or there working with Mount Sherpa’s drummer Ryan Gonzales. We’ll keep everyone posted! Here is some great pictures from SnapShot from our gig at Joes Patio Bar.

Allen Green with Heat of the Sun band.

Allen Green with Heat of the Sun band.

Fern Hernandez with Heat of the Sun band.

Fern Hernandez with Heat of the Sun band.

Jordan Green with Heat of the Sun band.

Jordan Green with Heat of the Sun band.


Jacks Patio Rocked on Thursday night!

We had a great time at Jacks Patio Bar on Thursday night (7-31)! This is our first year as a band and are still tweaking and growing as a band. They Dynamite Boyz and Deguello were great as usual.

Ferns Wall O' Sound small rig.

Ferns Wall O’ Sound small rig.

The night was Loud and Proud. We opened the show had a great time got to see a few new faces, but old friends from NJ at the show! A few CD’s and tee shirts and couple of bars of Amber’s Organic soap were sold and we listened to some great sets by Dynamite Boyz then the unique style of Doom masters Deguello. It was a good intro to Jacks Patio Bar. We look forward to playing there again.

Now we’re in the Spears Recording Studio next weekend laying down a few songs for the next EP! And a little surprise a spin off project that we will give details on the next few post. Meantime be sure to get our current EP FREE. Check out the sidebar and click and follow instructions. Thanks to all you who are buying the physical CD’s at the show. Goes back into cool Merch.

 Our friend James Cameron Taylor guitarist for 'Ghost Police' playing with a broken leg at the 1011 bar .July 2014

Our friend James Cameron Taylor guitarist for ‘Ghost Police’ playing with a broken leg at the 1011 bar .July 2014merch.


We love all our regulars that come to the show. Good to see Ghost Police’s guitarist Cameron (James Cameron Taylor) hobbling in on his crutches. He broke his foot in a skateboard accident but he came out anyway! Thanks Ryan Ward for getting him there. Stay tuned for EP announcements SOON!!

Gig at Jacks Patio Bar

We have a show at Jacks Patio Bar Thursday July 31st, it will be our first show at this Venue. Large stage and great sound system is what we hear about Jacks. We are opening this show around 9-9:15pm. After us the Dynamite Boyz are set to ROCK the place. We played with them at Hernandez Ice House earlier this month. Then Embrace the Moment will take the stage a Hardcore/punk band that we haven’t ever seen but have heard great things about. Then to close out the eve the great band Deguello which come out of great local Doom legends ‘Las Cruces’-which by the way just signed with Ripple Music. It will be a GREAT SHOW!!


In other news we are going into the studio to lay down a few tracks for some new material. There will be some announcements SOON about what the new EP will consist of- it will be SPECIAL! You can pick up our first CD at the show OR you can get a FREE download of the EP HERE just put your first name and email address in the form on the side bar and you will get all 5 tracks FREE!!

See you at JACKS on Thursday!!! Come out and enjoy some great music!!!

Gig poster for Heat of the Sun, Dynamite Boyz, Embrace the Moment and Deguello.

Gig poster for Heat of the Sun, Dynamite Boyz, Embrace the Moment and Deguello.

Rocking Out at Hernandez

We played Hernandez Ice House again on Friday with some old friends and new ones. Our pals the Dynamite Boyz (former members of Slopoke) kicked off the show and set the bar high from the get-go.

Dynamite Boyz

The Dynamite Boyz tear it up

We followed up with a heavy set consisting of some of our staples as well as a new song that we played for the first time. We were followed by our friends Mount Sherpa, who brought their unique psychedelic energy to slow the flow and pave the way for Dark Plains, a garage/surf/punk trio that brought the show to an energetic and climactic end.

Dark Plains

Dark Plains

We had a great time jamming and hanging out with everyone. Special thanks to Everett at Hernandez Ice House for letting us play there again. If you’re ever in the need for a cozy, intimate venue, check it out.

Fern jamming at Hernandez

Fern jamming at Hernandez 7/18/14

Awesome Crowd

Awesome Crowd

Also, we’ve decided to give away free downloads of our first EP. There’s a link in the sidebar which will take you where you need to go. It’s super simple, just follow the instructions. We have another show with Dynamite Boyz as well as some others on July 31st at Jack’s Patio Bar, come hang and hear some hot rock. Talk to you soon.

Yep, Hernandez again, and other news.

We are chugging away at summer! The folks at Hernandez Ice House loved what we do and have asked us to come back. This time we have our old friends ‘Dynamite Boyz’ (former members of ‘SloPoke’), Mt. Sherpa and a band called ‘Dark Planes’ helping us raise the roof at Hernandez Ice House. Our gig flyer was done by Steve over at Mr Lucky’s Tattoos. Thanks Steve very fun flyer!!


We also will have the usual merch but our ‘Club Version’ EP will be on the table!! Yea it’s a limited edition cover (our graphic designer Andrea is in Italy for a month so we DIY’ed these cause we want YOU to have one before the official release) Here’s the Valley of the Dry Bones cover. For a limited time. Hopefully we can have a CD release show before Jordan goes back to school.

300px-Ezekiel’s_Vision_of_the_Valley_of_Dry_BonesFONTWe are trying to collect e-mail addresses at shows and soon from the web site here because we want to be able to really keep our ‘fans’ connected with special news. That’s right we hope to have a monthly e-news letter in place to let you know what is happening with the band and any special things we want to share just with the people that come an support us, or well…anybody interested. So if you see a sign up sheet at our show please share and we’ll love ya’ for it. We are coming up with a special gift for signing up on the e-mail list so stay tuned.

Thanks for the prayers and those who signed the e-petition to Blue Cross, Blue Shield for Fern’s wife Amber. Most don’t know but now you will that Amber is fighting Lupus a disease that leads to long-term (chronic) inflammation. But can be controlled with treatment. She does fine with the treatments but you know how insurance companies can be. So it’s a battle for Fern and Amber so a “Thanks” for all you who helped with that.

Also our rehearsal space mates ‘The Grasshopper Lies Heavy‘ are off on a tour. Some may say “what does this have to do with Heat of the Sun?”. Well we know it’s about the music and community, so we don’t mind sharing. They’ve helped us out along the way.  So if they come to your town check them out.  They’re along the Gulf Coast then up the Mid West and back to Texas.

We are writing new tunes and hope to get over to Spears Recording Studios before Jordan gets out of town. I know some are saying “you haven’t released the current EP yet, how can you talk about something new?”.  Well we are constantly trying to move forward so you will always find us moving ahead! Stay tuned for news next time about another special project!! Until then

Peace and Love Grenades.

Great time at Hernandez Ice House

Well the show was great at Hernandez Ice House! We saw some friends played LOUD and fun was had by all! The organic soap from Amber’s Organics sold well, more  and more peps are loving it. We’re trying to put together another show in June now that Jordan is back in the saddle again. We are in the rehearsal space writing new songs and  doing a few covers (not many).  We turned Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” into a total rock melt fest, played it at the show and it went over well we pulled it off with only a few practices. We had a few ‘pre-release’  CD’s available at the merch table and look for our EP to be at all shows soon! We want to get it in the hands of everyone so look for downloads soon!


GIG on May 24th at Hernandez Ice House

Well another last min gig at a great little new venue called ‘Hernandez Ice House’. We are jamming with a side project of Ryan Gonzales from Mt. Sherpa called ‘Rocket Queen’. We’re excited because we have Jordan back from school in Dallas. We’re waiting to hear from a few bands about playing that night so stay tuned we’ll try to post the name of the other band that will join us. He’ll be here all summer. We plan to do as many shows as we can and also get into the studio and record a few more new songs!! We also are in pre-production planning on a video! We hope everyone will enjoy it. It will be different that most people are used to. We will have organic soap and tee-shirts and some other surprises!! Come out and join us. We’ve also added a new song to the set list!! See you at Hernandez Ice House here’s a link to the event on FB

Heat of the Sun, Rocket Queen and other TBA