Great time at Hernandez Ice House

Well the show was great at Hernandez Ice House! We saw some friends played LOUD and fun was had by all! The organic soap from Amber’s Organics sold well, more  and more peps are loving it. We’re trying to put together another show in June now that Jordan is back in the saddle again. We are in the rehearsal space writing new songs and  doing a few covers (not many).  We turned Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” into a total rock melt fest, played it at the show and it went over well we pulled it off with only a few practices. We had a few ‘pre-release’  CD’s available at the merch table and look for our EP to be at all shows soon! We want to get it in the hands of everyone so look for downloads soon!


GIG on May 24th at Hernandez Ice House

Well another last min gig at a great little new venue called ‘Hernandez Ice House’. We are jamming with a side project of Ryan Gonzales from Mt. Sherpa called ‘Rocket Queen’. We’re excited because we have Jordan back from school in Dallas. We’re waiting to hear from a few bands about playing that night so stay tuned we’ll try to post the name of the other band that will join us. He’ll be here all summer. We plan to do as many shows as we can and also get into the studio and record a few more new songs!! We also are in pre-production planning on a video! We hope everyone will enjoy it. It will be different that most people are used to. We will have organic soap and tee-shirts and some other surprises!! Come out and join us. We’ve also added a new song to the set list!! See you at Hernandez Ice House here’s a link to the event on FB

Heat of the Sun, Rocket Queen and other TBA