Yep, Hernandez again, and other news.

We are chugging away at summer! The folks at Hernandez Ice House loved what we do and have asked us to come back. This time we have our old friends ‘Dynamite Boyz’ (former members of ‘SloPoke’), Mt. Sherpa and a band called ‘Dark Planes’ helping us raise the roof at Hernandez Ice House. Our gig flyer was done by Steve over at Mr Lucky’s Tattoos. Thanks Steve very fun flyer!!


We also will have the usual merch but our ‘Club Version’ EP will be on the table!! Yea it’s a limited edition cover (our graphic designer Andrea is in Italy for a month so we DIY’ed these cause we want YOU to have one before the official release) Here’s the Valley of the Dry Bones cover. For a limited time. Hopefully we can have a CD release show before Jordan goes back to school.

300px-Ezekiel’s_Vision_of_the_Valley_of_Dry_BonesFONTWe are trying to collect e-mail addresses at shows and soon from the web site here because we want to be able to really keep our ‘fans’ connected with special news. That’s right we hope to have a monthly e-news letter in place to let you know what is happening with the band and any special things we want to share just with the people that come an support us, or well…anybody interested. So if you see a sign up sheet at our show please share and we’ll love ya’ for it. We are coming up with a special gift for signing up on the e-mail list so stay tuned.

Thanks for the prayers and those who signed the e-petition to Blue Cross, Blue Shield for Fern’s wife Amber. Most don’t know but now you will that Amber is fighting Lupus a disease that leads to long-term (chronic) inflammation. But can be controlled with treatment. She does fine with the treatments but you know how insurance companies can be. So it’s a battle for Fern and Amber so a “Thanks” for all you who helped with that.

Also our rehearsal space mates ‘The Grasshopper Lies Heavy‘ are off on a tour. Some may say “what does this have to do with Heat of the Sun?”. Well we know it’s about the music and community, so we don’t mind sharing. They’ve helped us out along the way.  So if they come to your town check them out.  They’re along the Gulf Coast then up the Mid West and back to Texas.

We are writing new tunes and hope to get over to Spears Recording Studios before Jordan gets out of town. I know some are saying “you haven’t released the current EP yet, how can you talk about something new?”.  Well we are constantly trying to move forward so you will always find us moving ahead! Stay tuned for news next time about another special project!! Until then

Peace and Love Grenades.