The Sun’s Not Dead

Hello everyone!!
No we’re not dead! We’re just doing other projects and trying to get back to doing HOTS. Allen in jamming with 100Watt Sensei and Jordan is in Dallas attending DBU jamming with McAllister and hired gun for other projects. Fern is playing guitar with the Grand Funk Railroad tribute band and covering classic rock tunes every Fri at Crossroads BBQ in San Antonio. We were working with drummer Ryan Gonzales but he is playing in ‘Over the Top’ pretty regular. So we are in the process of getting a drummer and when Jordan is in town he’ll be on guitar with Fern at the lead. We still have tracks waiting to be finished at Spears Recording in Lakeview Tx. So just plugging away as we can. Allen will be unavailable until Dec so we hope to have a HOTS show early in Jan!!