2nd T-Shirt Design! EP news and more…..

We now have the second design worked up and James Woodard (of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy) has a screen burned and is getting the shirts all silk screened up! We will have them available at shows in March. Have the EP mixed! And Andrea Johnson who did this design is working on a CD cover. We hope to have it mastered and available soon, stay tuned! We’re also going to add a store to the web site so you can order items from us online. Again we are DIY and have to find the best way to get the web site up for it so stay tuned for that as well!! We are talking to Amber’s Organics and trying to make a very cool organic item avail at shows and online as well. Lots going on please be patient. Here’s a pic of the new Art Nouveau inspired design. Let us know what you think.


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