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Heat of the Sun is a new band but not new to the business. Fernando (fast Fern) Hernandez and Allen Green have both played in bands since the 1980’s. They met and became friends while working at the Rock World Music store in San Antonio Texas back in the late 80’s. Fern played guitar for the metal band Paradox which rose to become a mid-level raising star of the 90’s. A record deal and recording in Nashville- several tours alone and with bands like ‘Barren Cross’ and ‘Blue Oyster Cult’. Playing festivals such as ‘Cornerstone’. But with the grunge music movement of the early 90’s they found themselves on the outgoing side of the ‘hair bands’.  Until a recent surge of interest Paradox sighed with Demon Doll records which re-released their ‘Power and Glory’ album.
Allen Green on the other hand played during the 90’s in a regional Texas post punk alternate band ‘Wide Awake’. Although never signed to a recording contract they played all around the South-Central Texas area. With growing families both (Allen and Fern) found themselves playing ‘fill in’ roles for local bands and had a steady Church band gig. So they’ve been playing continually.
June of 2012 Fern contacts Allen to play bass in a Classic Rock cover tune band. While going through the routine of learning all the cover tunes and a few drummers they once again found themselves in need of a drummer. Allen’s 18yr old son Jordan an accomplished musician was brought in to “fill in” until the other members realized this kid is good and most important reliable, he was asked to join the band. Jordan stepped in as if he had been there all summer. But like most bands schedules, life and other things get in the way and they (Fern, Allen and Jordan) find themselves with ‘just themselves’. Deciding to do something totally new they put together song ideas they had bouncing around and Heat of the Sun was born.
“Our goal is to have fun and play loud songs with a good message and put out a couple of more cd’s and see how far we can venture out.” Fern says.  Allen adds “ yea and I sing out of necessity” he says with a laugh, his vocal style seems to fit the music.   This new band decided to return to their roots. You can hear influences from the bands they grew up with such as Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, and Grand Funk Railroad. It’s delivered with a modern feel. In the style of Desert rock played with a very technical guitar player. Expect something different from this power trio from ol’ San Antone.
They have a 5 song EP to be released soon.

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