Had a GREAT time at our gig!!

Glad to see many of our friends come out to the show at  ‘The Ten Eleven’. We had a ‘fill-in’ drummer Ryan Gonzales from the band Mount Sherpa which ironically played right after us! We all just had a great time!IMG_8340water

Our friend Andrew Christian of ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ Photography came by and took a few pictures…very nice! Thanks a million! We also tried some new merch ideas. Fern’s wife has a business called ‘Amber’s Organics’she makes organic health and beauty products by hand. She has a line of body soap bars that she brought and everyone loved them. They were such a hit that she is going to custom make ‘Heat of the Sun’ bar soap and “YOU” get to have a say in it. Just message us on Facebook. or in the comment section below and tell us what kinds of ‘smelly herbs’ you like for example Jasmin and Thyme, Rosemary etc. She will custom make those up for our next gig. They are all natural ingredients vegan friendly no animal products or testing. Very good stuff!

HOTSamberorganicssoapphoto(8)We also had our new tee-shirts and sold several thanks to everyone who picked one up. Our next big goal is release of our EP, so we can have CD’s on our merch table as well. We’ll keep everyone posted and will definitely have a great time!!!









NEW Show and other updates!

Our next gig is April 11th. yea it’s kinda’ short notice but they had a band drop out due to injury (get well dude). So we’ll be playing one of our favorite places ‘The Ten Eleven’ in San Antonio, TX. We go on at 9pm. Four great bands- Heat of the Sun, Mount Sherpa, See you in the Morning and Vorcha. We’ll have t-shirts available along with some organic soaps made especially for us by Amber’s Organics. Come have fun and for $5 a cheap night of music!!

Facebook event click here

We’ve been rehearsing with Paul Gamboa on drums and is coming along and ready for gigs. But April 11th he is booked on another show! But Mount Sherpa’s drummer Ryan Gonzales stepped in and with a few rehearsals he is ready to fill in at our show on Fri. April 11th. Thanks guys!

Jordan our drummer is doing well and will be joining us again this summer for shows!

We are closing in on a release date of our EP!! getting art work finished, music is mixed and mastered. We are hoping to throw a release party in May!! Stay tuned!

Amber’s Organics teams up with Heat of the Sun!

Our guitar player’s (Fern) wife has been in the organic business for a long time, and has made some custom bar soap for Heat of the Sun called “Rockin’ Rosemary”. Which is very cool- we been using it and considering having it on hand at shows on the merch table. You can check out her website and the tons of products she makes with only natural stuff and no animal testing!!


HOTSamberorganicssoapLet us know what you think would you buy cool organic products at a show?

Leave us a comment.







SXSW 2014, and band update.

Hey, Allen here. Jordan our drummer was in town for the spring break. I worked my reg gig as a freelance sound guy in TV with E! Entertainment during the Film portion of SXSW 2014. Then Jordan and I went up to Austin to catch the scene. I went to a few sessions on ‘Touring  on a budget’ and ‘DIY Silk Screening’. Caught a few bands and had a good time. One of my high lights was at the ‘Flatstock’ art show. I’m always looking for art for future album and poster art. Ran across Buzzo from The Melvins and John Dyer Baizley guitarist for Baroness, and my favorite artist. I love his art work. Hope to feature his art on one of our covers! I know we are still in the mist of releasing our EP, but we are always looking forward!


Other News; Have been working with our fill in drummer Paul Gamboa had a few practices and coming along. We are working on some shows in April also look for some new songs. We also will keep you updated on a CD release show.

We are also getting geared up to do a video to promote the EP and have a great time! We have a story line and it will be fun! No band preforming on a mountain with an Eagle swooping down…. NO not that funny. Stay tuned we are working on guest appearances by some members of our other local band bros!

Stay tuned and support local music!

Thanks for your support!!!

2nd T-Shirt Design! EP news and more…..

We now have the second design worked up and James Woodard (of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy) has a screen burned and is getting the shirts all silk screened up! We will have them available at shows in March. Have the EP mixed! And Andrea Johnson who did this design is working on a CD cover. We hope to have it mastered and available soon, stay tuned! We’re also going to add a store to the web site so you can order items from us online. Again we are DIY and have to find the best way to get the web site up for it so stay tuned for that as well!! We are talking to Amber’s Organics and trying to make a very cool organic item avail at shows and online as well. Lots going on please be patient. Here’s a pic of the new Art Nouveau inspired design. Let us know what you think.


T-Shirts are a coming!

Well here is the first tshirt design for our new shirts! The Desert Sandworm is by way of James Woodard of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. We are also releasing another design to be revealed later this week. Stay tuned! Both shirts should be avail in the next week or so. We also have the final mix for the EP we are going to have it mastered and HOPE to have CD’s at show’s in March. Thanks.

HOTS Desert Sandworm tshirt design.

Had a great gig!!

IMG_4405Had a great show with Mt. Sherpa and a fairly new band from Austin called Cult Archaic. We’re continuing to work on our live show! Soon we’ll be releasing our 5 song EP. We’ll keep you posted. Jordan is back off to DBU so he’ll be out until May. Until then we’re rehearsing a sit-in drummer. We’re going to shoot for a late Feb show to introduce him to you. Also we had some more band pictures taken. They’re (picts) being edited and we should have them up in the next week or so! We’re also writing some more new songs! Hope to play one or two at our next gig in Feb! See you soon

GIG on Jan 3rd Fri night at Nightrocker in San Antonio!

Sorry for the late blog entry. We are jamming an all age show with our friends Mt. Sherpa and a band from Austin, Tx called Cult Archaic come check it out!! $5 for adults and $10 for minors. Nightrocker Bar and Art Gallery is located at 605 San Pedro Blvd. San Antonio TX. We go on at around 10:30pm. Come support local music!! Hope to see you there. We’ll try to post some pictures next week.

Happy Thanksgiving! News update.

Hello everyone!! We are all pretty booked with other projects but mixing on the EP will be done in December. We will announce some live gigs soon for January! Jordan (drummer) will be home on winter break from school. We want to take advantage of that and do some pre-release shows! Also expect new picts of the band you maybe surprised with the progressions of our beard growing contest. Please check in on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted. Hopefully have some dates in the next week or so. Thanks to all our families and you who support us. Please go to Facebook and give us a “Like” at https://www.facebook.com/HeatOfTheSunband