Grasshopperpalooza coming July 21, It might get loud!

Well Grasshopperpalooza Festival in San Antonio, Tx at the 1011 Club is coming on fast. The local alternative newspaper “The Current” is doing a big spread as well as a compilation CD with one song from each of the 16 bands participating in the 2 day Fest. We submitted our song “The Game”. We are getting closer to finishing mixing the EP! Stay tuned!

here’s a link to the Facebook poster.

Started cutting vocals

Hey tribe, Allen here, started cutting vocals today. Byron (producer) pushed me pretty hard, but it was some of the best stuff I’ve ever done. I’m not really a singer I just do it out of necessity. It’s been 15 yrs since the last time I sang in the studio. Byron was the engineer then as well. We’re self funding this record so we get in when we can. It’s taking a while. We’re six months in to recording. But it’s turning into something very special. Will keep everyone updated!

New Gig announced, Studio update and more….

Hello Tribe,

We are almost done in the studio. Fern has finished up his lead guitar parts all I can say is WOW! Yep he’s still got it. Allen has vocals and a little guitar on two songs. We have seven songs in the can and hope to put all on the EP. We will probably release a single first. Still trying to firm up an artist for the logo/cover art. Also working on video shoot. update soon.

We just landed a spot on a two day summer show in San Antonio, TX. The show is at the 1011 Club located at 1011 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX.¬† We are on the heavy band day sharing the bill with some friends in our favorite SA bands! The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is the headliner joined by the band Slo Poke, and Ghost Police right off the release of their 7″. We’re playing early going on around 8:15pm on Sunday July 21, 2013. Come out for some heavy LOUD music!