Fern’s lovely wife Amber will be in SA this weekend. She and her business Amber’s Organics is now Texas based!
We are getting ready to release our EP probably in Jan so we can do some shows we’ll keep you posted! Jordan is off in Dallas at school so we’re putting shows on hold and trying to get the EP done. At this point we’re trying to get some cool artwork for cover & posters. We want to make it special for you!!

Fern is getting moved into his new house getting Amber here, Allen is going to be out of the country most of Oct.  So winter break (Dec) is when the band can rehearse for shows in support of the EP. So stay tuned!!

What’s news?

Well we’ve decided to release a 5 song EP and save the other two songs for the next EP. But we will probably make them available for streaming and download later. Jordan (drummer) is going to be in Dallas for college so we’ll have a temp drummer. We’ve talked to Paul Gamboa from the band Nissi, he wants to do some drumming and fits what we do so we’ll start working him into the lineup temporally. We are talking about trying to put together a tour with target dates in Dec. in between Christmas and right after New Years. Jordan will be able to join us for the tour. We have new songs we’re working on to add to the songlist!  We’ll keep everyone posted. Look for our EP this fall. We are going to tweek the mix and hopefully by Sept. sometime have downloads avail. Stay tuned!

Grasshopperpalooza was way cool!

HOTS at GrasshopperpaloozaWe had a great time at Grasshopperpalooza ’13. A festival showcasing  local (San Antonio and Austin) bands. Of course being the new band in the mix we had an early slot (7:30pm) and not having the chance for a sound check (none of the bands had a sound check) using the amps provided, we pulled off our first gig as Heat of the Sun with a positive note. We struck up friendships with other bands (Mount Sherpa, Ghost Police and Modern Monarchs from Ft Worth Tx)  and are planning to gig with each other soon.

jordanatGrasshopperpaloozaSo on that front it was very successful. No one wants to gig with you until they hear what you’re doing (it’s only natural). Sure we have our own little things we are going back into the rehearsal space to work on so we can polish and create an entertaining show. Stay tuned!

On the 2nd day (the heavy bands) The Grasshopper Lies Heavy pulled out the older tunes which they named ‘The Mosh Set’. It was like going to a TGLH show two years ago. It was the first crowd surfing I’d seen since the old show days.

GrasshopperpaloozaCrowdSurfing.We will let you know soon about upcoming gigs. Jordan goes off to DBU in Dallas in the middle of August so we’ll work out the details as the situation presents itself. We also are talking to Ryan Ward of Modern Monarchs about doing some shows in Ft.Worth and Denton. Again we’ll try to keep you posted.

Press mention in SA Current weekly newspaper

Cool, we got a mention in the weekly rag SA Current in the Grasshopperpalooza coverage.

Heat of the Sun
Father, son and friend assemble to become a Mopar V8 of blues-laden classic rock with some Queens of the Stone Age overtones and a wall-of-sound, well, sound.”

Very cool huh? yea check out all the bands in the article.


Hope to see our San Antonio friends on Sunday 7-21-13. The rest of you let us know where you are. Maybe a tour when we release the EP!

Finishing up in the studio

DSCN0043Well we’re getting closer to being done and it sound pretty good. Allen did some more vocals and we got two songs mixed. We plan to make another pass at them when we get the others done. We’ll be posting them up shortly stay tuned! The one song ‘The Game’ is on the Grasshopperpalooza Mix tape which is one song from each of the bands (16) that are playing over the two day festival. You can download it FREE at:






Grasshopperpalooza coming July 21, It might get loud!

Well Grasshopperpalooza Festival in San Antonio, Tx at the 1011 Club is coming on fast. The local alternative newspaper “The Current” is doing a big spread as well as a compilation CD with one song from each of the 16 bands participating in the 2 day Fest. We submitted our song “The Game”. We are getting closer to finishing mixing the EP! Stay tuned!

here’s a link to the Facebook poster.


Started cutting vocals

Hey tribe, Allen here, started cutting vocals today. Byron (producer) pushed me pretty hard, but it was some of the best stuff I’ve ever done. I’m not really a singer I just do it out of necessity. It’s been 15 yrs since the last time I sang in the studio. Byron was the engineer then as well. We’re self funding this record so we get in when we can. It’s taking a while. We’re six months in to recording. But it’s turning into something very special. Will keep everyone updated!