Rocking Out at Hernandez

We played Hernandez Ice House again on Friday with some old friends and new ones. Our pals the Dynamite Boyz (former members of Slopoke) kicked off the show and set the bar high from the get-go.

Dynamite Boyz

The Dynamite Boyz tear it up

We followed up with a heavy set consisting of some of our staples as well as a new song that we played for the first time. We were followed by our friends Mount Sherpa, who brought their unique psychedelic energy to slow the flow and pave the way for Dark Plains, a garage/surf/punk trio that brought the show to an energetic and climactic end.

Dark Plains

Dark Plains

We had a great time jamming and hanging out with everyone. Special thanks to Everett at Hernandez Ice House for letting us play there again. If you’re ever in the need for a cozy, intimate venue, check it out.

Fern jamming at Hernandez

Fern jamming at Hernandez 7/18/14

Awesome Crowd

Awesome Crowd

Also, we’ve decided to give away free downloads of our first EP. There’s a link in the sidebar which will take you where you need to go. It’s super simple, just follow the instructions. We have another show with Dynamite Boyz as well as some others on July 31st at Jack’s Patio Bar, come hang and hear some hot rock. Talk to you soon.

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