Yes we’re still alive!!

We’ve all been busy on projects. Allen’s day job as location sound for film and TV, has kept him on a show called Friday Night Tykes working 7 days a week the only break came when he went to China with the NBA for the ‘China Games’. He should be done with the job Dec 17.

Fern and Amber work together to open store front for Amber's Organics, in San Antonio, TX

Fern and Amber work together to open store front for Amber’s Organics, in San Antonio, TX

Fern is helping his wife Amber set up a store front for her Organics business- you can check them out at Amber’s Organics. Then when finished with that we should see his guitar repair shop soon after. He has been repairing guitars for almost 30 years and will provide repair services to all.

Jordan has been attending Dallas Baptist University, being a music recording/ music business major he has had many opportunities to gig and even play bass for a country act that was opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, Pat Green and Billy Jo Shaver. But his heart still belongs to Heat of the Sun. He’ll be off for winter break and we will finish the EP!!

And yes Dune Buggy (Allen and Jordan teamed up with SloPoke’s drummer/vocalist Danny Castillo) will finish their EP and introduce another guitarist in that line up! As well as some shows to support the EP.

We have inital art work for the Heat of the Sun’s EP which we think looks great!!! Done by Andrea Johnson so look for it on the cover and also on new stickers and T-shirts. Here’s a sneak peek


Artwork for HOTS 2nd EP, by Andrea Johnson

Also some sad news. We are mourning the passing of friend of the band and great amp tech Hector Tobias. Fern was closest to Hector -they worked together back when Fern was a pup just out of high school and learning how to repair guitars. He has ‘laid hands’ on many amps in the San Antonio area including all the amps on stage with Heat of the Sun. Please keep Hectors family in your prayers.

Look for announcements about some cool new things coming SOON!!!

Peace and Love Grenades,

HOTS band 1-14

HOTS band 1-14

Allen, Fern and Jordan.

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